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Publications in English | Veröffentlichungen in Englisch

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  • Baines, A.: The Oxford Companion to musical instrument, 1992, (Art. Vielle à roue)
  • Green, Robert A.: The Hurdy-Gurdy in Eighteenth-Century France. Early Music Institute, Indiana University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, 1995
  • Hellerstedt, Kahren J., Ph.D: Hurdy-Gurdies from Hieronymus Bosch to Rembrandt. Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh, 1980.
  • Leppert, Richard: Arcadia at Versailles. Noble Amateur Musicians and Their Mussettes and Hurdy-Gurdies at the French Court (c. 1660-1789). A Visual Study. Swets and Zeitlinger B.V., Amsterdam and Lisse, 1978.
  • Lindemann, Frayda: Pastoral Instruments in French Baroque Music. Dissertation an der Columbia University, 1978
  • Montagu, Jeremy: The World of Medieval and Renaissance Musical Instruments. David and Charles, Newton Abbott, London, 1976
  • Moroz, Valentyn: The Ukrainian hurdy-gurdy. Questions of its traits and origin. University of Alberta, 1989
  • Munrow, David: Instruments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Oxford University Press, London 1976, S. 16-17
  • Page, Christopher: The Medieval Organistrum and Symphonia - 1: A Legacy from the East? In: Galpin Society Journal März 1982, S. 37-44.
  • Page, Christopher: The Medieval Organistrum and Symphonia - 2: Terminology In: Galpin Society Journal März 1983, S. 71-87.
  • Palmer, Susann und Samuel: The Hurdy-gurdy. David and Charles, Brunel House Newton Abbot Devon, 1980
  • Ralyea, John: A modest manual for the hurdy-gurdy. Hurdy-gurdy Press, Chicago, 1980
  • Ralyea, John: Shepherd's Delight. Guide to the repertoire for hurdy-gurdy, musette, organized hurdy-gurdy, wheel-fiddle, nyckelharpa and tromba marina. Hurdy-gurdy Press, Chicago, 1980
  • Tolley, Bryan: Making Musical Instruments. Hove, Wayland Publishers, 1978

Publications in French | Veröffentlichungen in Französisch

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Publications in German | Veröffentlichungen in Deutsch

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