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Welcome to the hurdy-gurdy wiki. This site is set up to collect informations about the hurdy-gurdy about hurdy-gurdy players about events, education and links to web pages about the hurdy-gurdy. This site is a wiki. You can add, change or format all content.

About the instrument

Wikipedia:Hurdy-gurdy | About the instrument | Documentation of the making at | Standard Tunings | The hurdy-gurdy in America by Anna Peekstok

Acquiring a hurdy-gurdy

List of instrument-makers | What should a beginner look out for when buying a hurdy-gurdy? | Build it yourself | Offers/Search Second Hand peer to peer

Stolen, lost and found hurdy-gurdies


Lists of classes | Lists of teachers | Tutorials | online Tutorials | DVD


Lists of gatherings, festivals and sessions | Concerts

Adjustment and maintenance

Cottoning Assistant at Introduction | Preparations | Cottoning | Applying rosin | Cottoning Hints by Graham Whyte (PDF) at | Strings | Cases and bags | Tangent tuning


the biggest hurdy-gurdy of the world? | Harmonics hurdy-gurdy | Appearances in film

Mailinglists and forums

A worldwide mailing-list, in english, archives till '03/12, archives since '06/07 | Deutschsprachige mailing list. Anmeldung durch eine Mail an drehleier-subscribe (AT) | Lista de correo en español | UK Hurdy-gurdy Forum


Alden Hackmann's hurdy-gurdy page(en) | Over the Water Hurdy-Gurdy Association | Drehleier-Wiki(de) | Asociación Ibérica de la Zanfona(es) | Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak(nl) | Drehleier-online(de) | Bordun e. V.(de)

Musicians, Bands and their Media

Lists of musicians, bands and their media | Internet video clips

Repertoire und bibliography

Musik für Drehleier - Music for the hurdy-gurdy | Lists of publications about the hurdy-gurdy


Museums - Museen | Mary Rasmussens ikonography: 15.-16. century, 16. century, 16.-17. century | Web pages that deal with the history of the hurdy gurdy

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